Russel Heimlich for Video Testimonials

June 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Russel Heimlich, Marketing Lead Developer, CoderPad

Could you describe a time that CoderPad helped you?

Russel Heimlich: Alright, so this is me recording from my normal setup without my fancy microphone or good lighting or anything and wobbly desk. So I figured that this would probably be more like what you would expect to see from most other average people. Um Could you describe the time that could've had helped you? Yeah, the day was hired was very helpful. I had a job that was really awesome.

How would you describe CoderPad in three words?

Russel Heimlich: I think I already did this, I don't know why I'm still on Step two for Weird.

What's the best thing about CoderPad that makes it unique?

Russel Heimlich: I see maybe the question was slightly the same as the last one, but I think I am actually progressing through this very nicely.

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