Hayley Shaw - City of Bristol College

May 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hayley Shaw, Head of HROD, City of Bristol College

Why did you decide to use soccialy?

Hayley Shaw: We decided to use soccialy as previously we only used advertising on job boards. Which meant you had to be an active job seeker, looking at those job boards to try and find the vacancy you were interested in. socially target those passive job seekers who are on their social media and see an advert pop up based on those algorithms and the profiles that work to attract the right type of candidates. And so that's why we decided to use soccialy recruited.

What benefits have you found by using soccialy?

Hayley Shaw: The benefits for using socially are that we're able to be provided with a lot of data and statistics around the types of reach that our adverts are having, in terms of both area gender, ethnicity, and to be able to kind of target our adverts to those harder to reach places. We're able to see the usage and the traffic onto our website to see where people are going and then that results in the the kind of overall picture of where our applications are coming from. The other benefits are the advice and guidance that they're able to provide in terms of the candidate journey, how the candidate experiences our website. We did a lot of work when we first started using them in terms of that candidate journey and how that is experienced in order to increase, and we did see an increase in the conversion rates of our job adverts.

What impact has using soccialy had on attracting the quality and quantity of candidates?

Hayley Shaw: So we've seen an increase in the number of applications that we have, and the quality of those candidates as well, with more relevant experience for the role, and that's based on the fact that we know the adverts are appearing on the side of their social media, and it's relevant for them. For example, they are an english graduate who is a teacher, and we know therefore our english lecturer role is reaching their profile.

What are the advantages of using soccialy over a job board or recruitment agency?

Hayley Shaw: So the advantage of using soccialy over a job board a recruitment agency is that there's a set fee throughout the year. We can budget for that to know that all our roles, based on the number of also generally advertised will be covered. They use video content for us as well, which has increased attraction rates to ensure that we look like a vibrant and exciting organization to work for. And obviously a recruitment agency usually comes with placement fees, which means that it's hard to budget for to know which roles to go to a recruitment agency. So using soccialy over those job boards and recruitment agencies means that we can plan and budget our cost.

Would you recommend soccialy to any other school and why?

Hayley Shaw: I would definitely recommend socially to any other school or further education, university or any other organization for that fact, just because they have helped us so much in terms of the candidate journey, the experience and the data and the statistics, the fact that it's, you can budget for the cost in year. And the advice and guidance they give us in the monthly catch ups, They're always one step ahead of us in terms of thinking what we could be doing. And they're always very communicative as well in terms of responding to our needs.

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