Clutch Properties Client Testimonial

February 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey V.

Dr. Geoffrey V.: Hello. My name is Geoffrey and I wanted to detail my experiences and how happy both my husband Kevin and I are with Clutch Properties and Gene Patent. I was introduced to Gene through a mutual friend, purchasing a property here in Arizona in the Phoenix area and I really appreciated Gene's background and his personality and demeanor. Gene has a background in data analytics and economics, which I appreciate as someone who has advanced degrees in finance and understanding numbers and he has a very unique approach to how he views the real estate market because of his understanding of data and metrics and economics, et cetera. And working with Gene, we purchased a home here in the Phoenix area about a year and a half ago, later sold that home and just recently purchased another home in Paradise Valley. Both my husband and I am very happy and satisfied with Clutch Properties and Gene Patent.

Dr. Geoffrey V.: And when I asked Gene for his opinions on various circumstances or matters, he gives me his honest opinion which I really appreciate. He doesn't try to push his clients into anything. What he does is provides all the information, details, and lets the client make the ultimate decision as to whether they want to move forward or not. Whatever decision making process there is.

Dr. Geoffrey V.: So anyone that decides to use his services I think will be very pleased and very happy with his professionalism, his demeanor, his consultative approach to working with his clients, having a long term viewpoint in mind and with his background in data analytics and his understanding of the real estate market and economics. I think extremely helpful. And so I can't recommend anyone any higher than Gene Patent at Clutch Properties for real estate. Very, very happy.

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