Rob Hooper - Namely [Area 1]

September 23, 2022

Video Transcript

I'm rob hooper. I'm the senior manager of 18 security at Nate namely creates an all in one HR payroll and benefits platform for small medium businesses. Our mission is to help companies create better workspaces through a modern HR stack for Area one, namely withdrawing the stock, um filtering in gmail to secure inboxes, google does a good job handling spam. But phishing emails to our support teams was a big problem. You know, it's critical for us to deliver every single valid email from our clients to our support teams. However, we also have to make sure to filter out all the malicious content that could put our clients at risk. You know, that's an especially tricky challenge for a managed payroll provider because the content of the email that we receive would look suspicious in any other circumstances. You know, for example, it would be it's common for us to receive emails from a non namely address saying hell I can't run payroll. Um So um obviously, you know, it was a difficult challenge and we knew that and we also knew that most traditional anti phishing tools weren't equipped for the task. Our CTO at the time recommended we check out Area one because he had heard good things from leaders and other companies. Um after a quick pOC, we were impressed with area ones ultra high signal to noise ratio. It's flexible remediation options and integrations and we were able to deploy Area One as a transparent layer of protection on top of our existing email service with zero downtime. This allows to bear secure in boxes without having the employees need to know anything about Area one or change their email habits in any way. Um As a result, our user reported fishing investigations were cut by at least half. And since implementation we've never had to release a falsely convicted um email from our admin quarantine. The solution just works. This frees up our time for other proactive activities. Um Fishing is never gonna be a solved problem for us. Um But since Area one, it's a problem that no longer keeps me up at night, namely has had a good experience with Area One. The solution is a very good value in terms of the amount of risk it mitigates to the dollars it costs on top of that. It does its thing while requiring very little of our time and energy to maintain.

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