Innovators RealTalk: Fauna

February 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rob Sutter, Head of Developer Advocacy, Fauna

Rob Sutter: I'm Rob Sutter. I'm the Head of Developer Advocacy at Fauna, the data API for modern applications. Fauna is a globally distributed database with strongly consistent transactions and that means that we never quite know where our users are accessing the database from, and that makes it a natural fit for Workers because we get compute close to our database, no matter where they are.

Rob Sutter: The primary change that Workers has enabled is actually an outcome of developing with Workers, and it's increased developer velocity. We can take new ideas and prototype them and demonstrate them in the real world in a matter of hours.

Rob Sutter: It's also helped increase conversions and sales when we show customers how quickly and easily they can get fully functional, globally distributed applications running with Fauna and Workers. It's a pretty powerful tool for demonstrating the effectiveness of both,

Rob Sutter: to help. But it's also you just feel good when you're building an application with Workers. You know that it's gonna work, you know that it's going to be everywhere and performant, and it's just fun.

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