Innovators RealTalk: Michael Young

April 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Young, Executive Director, StudyHall

Michael Young: My name is Michael Young. I'm the Co-Founder and Director of New Technology at Inspiring Service, as well as the Founder and Executive Director of StudyHall. My role at both organizations is using cool technologies to to solve world problems.

Michael Young: We started using Cloudflare because of the security features and super fast edge network. Cloudflare Pages, has quickly become my go to for every project I have. In fact, I'm starting two projects right now that are both going to be hosted on Pages.

Michael Young: The biggest benefit has been the zero egress fees as well as the Pages ability to just populate everywhere. We've been able to make updates on the fly from a critical bug and have it fixed within 10 minutes of noticing that it was a problem.

Michael Young: We've been able to iterate faster and faster and faster and that is a really, really cool thing to do as well as it could not be easier. Pages could not be easier. It is fantastic. I don't know why anyone would host something anywhere else.

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