Innovators RealTalk: Matthew Dunn

April 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matthew Dunn, Founder, Campaign Genius

Matthew Dunn: I'm Matthew Dunn Founder and CTO of Campaign Genius. We help email marketers create a compelling customer experience lifecycle.

Matthew Dunn: We're now using DNS, obviously content caching, images, video, and increasingly video, and increasingly very enthusiastic about Workers and the KV store. It's an amazing development environment.

Matthew Dunn: We've got infrastructure for multiple companies sitting on clouds

Matthew Dunn: We're shifting more and more of that to the edge and specifically to Cloudflare.

Matthew Dunn: The speed, agility, cost effectiveness that we've seen with the edge model, honestly, it feels like the future. Um like we're moving we're moving more

Matthew Dunn: And the speed is is speed is just mind boggling?

Matthew Dunn: It makes it fun.

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