Innovators RealTalk: Jeff Powell

May 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeff Powell, Software Development Manager, Clearwater Analytics

Jeff Powell: Hi I'm Jeff Powell, I'm both a software developer as well as the software development Manager

Jeff Powell: I was originally introduced to Cloudflare by my company that I work for. They use it to manage the DNS and security for all of our externally facing website properties. And I was needing a solution to manage the DNS for some of my own personal projects and personal portfolio website and a few other things on the side.

Jeff Powell: Since then I've grown to love the service particularly for its ease of use for being able to easily hook up my website handle all of my configuration that way.

Jeff Powell: I've seen a lot of benefits from Cloudflare. The vast network that's available is phenomenal for all of your caching needs to save on those egress costs. I've also really appreciated the ease of use of a lot of the tooling. It makes it very quick to make small changes and the analytics that are available or rather they give a lot of good insight into the traffic that's going on in the different characters to stuff that that matter.

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