February 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: James Ross, CTO, Nodecraft. James Ross, CTO, Nodecraft

James Ross: Hi, I'm James Ross CTO of Nodecraft Nodecraft is a made for gaming cloud platform where gamers can easily and quickly spin up game servers to play online with their friends and family. This may span from games such as Minecraft,

James Ross: class. The Cloudflare Workers are a huge part of our infrastructure and we currently use them for all kinds of different things ranging from on our primary website for optimization purposes for doing the things like content negotiation on the edge, which lets us deliver the newest and most efficient image formats to our users, such as Jpeg XL and avif.

James Ross: We also use workers to host a variety of websites via the use of Workers Sites and Cloudflare Pages, which range from sites that you download the oldest versions of Minecraft, which is very useful for gamers in the actual boarding community for those games, as well as sites that let

James Ross: Workers have allowed our team to more rapidly develop and deploy applications faster than we ever could before, as well as scale those applications without any worries at all in terms of requests and things like that. A primary example of this is an API that we deployed a few years ago with Cloudflare Workers and at the time was doing a couple of million requests every month, and now it's pushing 10-20 million requests every single day. And Cloudflare Workers has just handled that completely seamlessly.

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