Project Galileo: Michel Boudreau

May 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Michel Boudreau, IT Admin, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds

Michel Boudreau: The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds is a donation only fully volunteer animal rights nonprofit based in Australia. Our goal is to abolish the cruel sport of greyhound racing nationwide. We do this by recording the sobering data of every race, every injury, every death, how they died, how many dogs on the track, and what type of race track and so on. This is made available online in real time on our website for anybody to view. We then engage with the media, politicians and activists to spread the inconvenient truth racing kills and maims greyhounds. There's been 213 deaths and over 10,000 injuries in 2021 alone, they deserve better. If you're lucky enough to have one of these dogs in your life, you'll know how lovable, affectionate and downright goofy they are. We are committed to holding this multibillion dollar industry and the governments that fund them accountable until the end of greyhound racing.

Michel Boudreau: As a donation only nonprofit, we try to minimize our spending as much as possible, which includes IT services As such our Wordpress website is currently hosted on the shared host, Which is not exactly the facet. We would consistently see load times over 10 seconds, which is not really acceptable in this day and age. There's also the consideration of an attack. We could get attacked by this multibillion dollar industry or even sympathizers like greyhound trainers, which would bring our whole website down and the data we try to provide offline. In either case, it's not particularly acceptable. And we needed a solution to be able to fix both of those.

Michel Boudreau: Project Galileo allowed us to save money by being completely free for non profits. We can then use that money to reach our goal instead, which is very much appreciated. in less In less than an hour I was able to add Cloudflare in front of our domain and with just a few clicks enable all the services that we needed. This greatly improved the low time and caching of our Wordpress website.

Michel Boudreau: The possibility of an attack has been essentially removed. Even if our host goes down, there's always going to be a cached version of that website available. That means that we will always be online and always serving the data that we need.

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