Innovators RealTalk: mogenius

April 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Gerrit Schumann, CEO, mogenius

Gerrit Schumann: Hi, I'm Garrit Schumann, Co-Founder and CEO of mogenius. At mogenius were building the easiest way for developers to run any application in the cloud. Our platform automates the entire DevOps workflow from ci cd, providing cloud resources, automated kubernetes deployments to SSL management.

Gerrit Schumann: We were looking for a solution that fits well to our startup environment now and can scale globally for thousands of customers. Cloudflare was the perfect choice as a developer-oriented company with a lot of expertise in the fields that we needed. Now, we're working with SSL for SaaS on an Enterprise plan and have recently launched our platform to the public.

Gerrit Schumann: So, it was great to have a dedicated support team at Cloudflare to help us integrate their solution into our platform, that went really smooth and helped us to do the implementation extremely fast.

Gerrit Schumann: We look forward to developing more cutting edge technology and coming up with solutions together for our customers.

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