Taurus: Innovators Real Talk

February 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sébastien Pasche, VP of Engineering, Taurus SA

Taurus allows customers to issue, book, transfer and trade any digital asset with one fully integrated platform.

Sébastien Pasche: We decided to use Cloudflare because that was a market leader with a proven track record.

Sébastien Pasche: As we offer SaaS and managed services operations, we need to protect the services against common threats and also classic denial of services protection, CDN and so on.

Sébastien Pasche: We leverage Cloudflare for this, especially the Argo technology.

Sébastien Pasche: It has been developed to enforce the Zero Trust policy we have at Taurus that mean everybody could be business operational people.

Sébastien Pasche: Argo allows us to expose the services without opening or exposing our clusters, which makes it very convenient and also very efficient for plugging new services or spawning new environments really efficiently.

Sébastien Pasche: What we really appreciate is that everything is in the single operators.

Sébastien Pasche: And it's well done, and it quickly delivers.

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