Leon Prather for LevelUp Speaker Intro

November 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leon Prather

Briefly introduce yourself and dive into what your session will cover.

Leon Prather: Hi, my name is leon Prather and I'm the manager of Digital product operations at Alexa. Uh, what I'm going to be speaking about is the three C's of communication and I'm pretty excited to talk about that because I think it's one of the most important things when it comes to how we use click up and it's not actually the tool itself, it's more the human element, how we all converse with each other, how we all communicate with each other. I try to harp on this whenever I do onboarding with click up because I think people can drown in a sea of options and technology and the rules and the guidance and government governance of how you would use any of those things. But I found pretty successfully that if I boil things down to these three main points, people are pretty good. The first one is be clear being clear, really just has to do with being accurate and that means using things like task names and descriptions to let people know what you're doing and what you're wanting them to do. So I like to think about using well crafted, unambiguous and concise task names. I'm sure a lot of people have had frustrations with not having that in all cases. The second C is being conversational and that's really referring to being responsive. That's keeping the conversation going, letting the momentum continue, not letting things get stale. So that means going to your notifications, for example, clearing those bad boys out and actually responding to people if someone says hi to you, say hi back if they ask you a question answer back, the last piece is being contextual. Honestly, I could probably talk about that all day, but that's because there are studies that show that we all lose hours upon hours every single week trying to keep context amid all of the back and forth that we do in meetings that aren't always related to one another, for example. So click up is not any different. Click up is a great place for us to try to keep context and that has to do with making sure that we're having the right conversations in the right place and with the right people and referencing the right materials. So we're looking AT ATS AT ATS and AT AT ATS in click up. I hope that helps give some context to what it is that I'm trying to talk about. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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