Ren Terrora for Talent Testimonials

December 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Virtual Assistant Ren

What is your favorite part about ClearDesk?

Virtual Assistant Ren: Hi, my name is Ren Terrora and my favorite part of being a legal virtual assistant is that I get to do different things on a daily basis. Also, my favorite part of being part of ClearDesk is that ClearDesk provides platforms for us virtual assistants to engage with one another.

What stands out to you about the culture and/or team at ClearDesk?

Virtual Assistant Ren: What stands out to me about the culture here at ClearDesk is that the willingness of everyone to provide solutions to your daily struggles, from a technical standpoint, to how to provide a better approach on supporting your client is always there.

Would you recommend ClearDesk to a client or fellow colleague?

Virtual Assistant Ren: I would definitely recommend ClearDesk to a client or a fellow colleague, because ClearDesk provides high standard services Also ClearDesk has a wide range of skilled virtual assistants that could support a business to grow and be more successful. And lastly, ClearDesk does not only take care of its clients but also its virtual assistants by providing basic trainings to advanced trainings and also providing career growth.

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