McCall for ClearDesk Testimonial Videos

December 06, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: McCall, Director of Ops , KW - Hughes Group Jax

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

McCall: Hi, my name is Mccall Schilling and I'm the director of operations for a medium sized team of realtors here with Keller Williams in Jacksonville Florida. We are a mother daughter run team and then myself as the third in command. And we specialize in residential real estate ranging from prices of about 250 up until two million, and higher, hopefully in the future. So our team is called Hughes Group Jacks and we are hoping to do 75 deals next year, 60 deals this year.

Why did you hire ClearDesk?

McCall: we hired clear desk when we needed extra manpower to turn out a lot of reports in a small amount of time. So as a value to our clients, we offered a comparative market analysis, which basically tells them exactly how much we would list their home for sale. So that includes a lot of data analyzing and comparing recent folds in their neighborhood. And so we had a list of about 150 families that we wanted to send the CMA out to. Each one took about an hour. So unfortunately we did not have the hands on deck to do 150 hours of these reports. So that is where ClearDesk came in. We hired a Virtual Assistant through ClearDesk and he was able to get through the project very quickly. We were able to teach him exactly the process how we wanted it done, how to compare the home to other homes in the neighborhood, and he took the reins and totally busted it out and we actually completed the project sooner than expected.

How is it working and why do you LOVE it?

McCall: Working with ClearDesk is great. Having the power of a VA behind you makes your clients think that you can do so much work in such a short time. But it's our secret power of you know, having a virtual assistant crank the numbers out, do the heavy lifting behind the scenes and then we can be cool, calm and collected front facing the client because we are armed with such awesome information and reports in our situation.

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