Samantha Petersen for Breath Work Testimonials

November 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samantha Petersen, CEO, NuCape Beach Properties

Please describe your experience with Circle Forward?

Samantha Petersen: To breathe is to know life. To know life is to know those that encapsulate it. What kindness, Peacefulness, calmness, stressfree existences. So my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to both Dillon and Anthony who provided us, 16 ladies with the opportunity to pause, to rest, to calm our farm, to have a moment to seize a moment for ourselves, to breathe and to give thought to what is most important to us and for us. So, to Anthony and Dillon, I am most grateful for the time that you gave us and the gift that you gave us, for a moment to breathe individually and as a collective. I am super, super grateful.

Which part of the session with Circle Forward had the most profound impact on you?

Samantha Petersen: What was most impactful was the guidance given by both Dillon and Anthony, throughout the workshop. It was impactful, and it certainly resonated with all of us, particularly when the guidance was given on the release of emotions and embracing what was, and what is.

Why would you recommend Circle Forward to a friend or loved one?

Samantha Petersen: Why I would recommend this beautiful workshop to friends and family with no hesitation. I have never felt freer, particularly releasing pent up emotions and just the impact, as well as the energies both by Dillon and Ant. And I think they are a superb in the facilitation, in walking you through the process, but more so that we're all in a learning journey and they were very ready to embrace that with us. So the absolute authenticity within which the workshop was conducted and I will, and have spoken to so many friends and family to coerce them to attend this and also to give referrals to Corporates that I know whose employees definitely need this type of facilitation and particularly this type of workshop. I thank you. and I wish you both well.

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