Amar Shah for Circle Forward Testimonials

October 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amar Shah, Learning Chair, EO Kenya

When you engaged Circle Forward, what outcome were you looking for?

Amar Shah: We engaged Dillon from Circle Forward for EO Kenya to create a magical Spy Game experience for our members and their families.

Please share your experience, working with Circle Forward products, services and humans.

Amar Shah: It was really easy and simple to actually engage with Dillon. We had a great briefing call, and he came back with so many ideas and the perfect game. Um, you know, even coming out to Nairobi, which he never actually mapped out that space. Uh, it was amazing to actually see what he could put together, Um, and was fantastic with all our members.

What makes Circle Forward stand out against the competition?

Amar Shah: the high personalisation. The innovation that we actually got in our event. Dillon as an emcee was superb. The actual game, when it was ongoing, kept everyone engaged, and I believe this was definitely a lot better than what we would have actually been able to achieve with many others.

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