CHIEF OF THE YEAR - The Remote Leadership Program in a nutshell

November 16, 2022

What is the Leadership Program CHIEF OF THE YEAR all about and how does it help me to grow as a leader?

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leonie Schulze Bölling, Managing Director, CoA Academy

Who is the CHIEF OF THE YEAR Leadership Program made for?

Leonie Schulze Bölling: I would say the Chief of the Year Leadership Program is made for anyone who wants to grow people skills, people skills to make their company their team and also their own life a great success.

What do I get out of the CHIEF OF THE YEAR Program?

Leonie Schulze Bölling: The Leadership Program basically helps me to lead confident in any situation. This means first of all, leading myself then leading others and leading teams and also leading organizations. By the end of the program I built my people skills to read and inspire people. I'm able to make better hiring decisions and I'm also able to motivate and support my team along their needs to deliver world class results.

What is special about the Leadership Program?

Leonie Schulze Bölling: The special thing about the program, from my point of view is it's fun. So I have access to attend very entertaining on demand video master classes that comes together with workbooks and exercises and quizzes that really helps me in my day to day business. I also join life sessions where I can meet other leaders from other businesses and companies to share experiences, ideas and solutions about my day to day challenges as the leader. So that's fun, and that's great and helps me a lot. I also can learn from very experienced coaches and mentors. So in the end, the special thing is, I'm not alone and I get a lot of things to learn and a lot of possibilities to share and grow together in a community of like minded leaders.

How long does the program take?

Leonie Schulze Bölling: How long does the journey take? Well, it actually depends on you. There are a few people who make it within six months. That's tough. Actually, that's more like a leadership boot camp I would say. Most of the people are confident with 10 to 12 months. So we have different kind of packages. Check it out and just choose what suits you best.

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