Michael E Crean for Channel Program Partner Testimonial Videos

June 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael E Crean, Solutions Granted, Inc.

What do you think overall about what Channel Program is doing for the channel industry?

Michael E Crean: I really love what the Channel Program is doing today. I believe it's incredibly transformative and it gives individuals the opportunity with complete anonymity, to hear what somebody has to say and make a decision for themselves without being spammed or called 27 times and feeling pressured to hear additional information.

What was your favorite part about participating in Channel Pitch?

Michael E Crean: My favorite part about participating in the Channel Pitch was really challenging myself to get rid of all of the fluff and stuff and get down to the meat and potatoes within seven minutes and make it count.

Would you recommend Channel Program to other vendors?

Michael E Crean: I think the Channel program offers a really unique opportunity for vendors to get out there in front of people that they've never had a chance to see before. And it's seven minutes of your time that can really make a huge difference.

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