John Harden for Channel Program Partner Testimonial Videos

June 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Harden, Saaslio

What do you think overall about what Channel Program is doing for the channel industry?

John Harden: Hi there, my name is John Harden over here at Saaslio. I feel like Channel Program is impacting the Channel industry as a whole in a lot of different ways. In reality they're giving vendors like myself an opportunity to have a pedestal or an opportunity to communicate what we've been building or been putting together for the vendor or for the MSPs that we work for. You know, for me, I can't be everywhere all at once and I can't talk to 300 MSPs I would talk to 1000 one on one if I could. For Channel Program to consolidate that experience and to be able to take 10 minutes of my time and be able to tell my story to 300 people. It's just something as a small vendor I want to be able to have access to. Without what Matt and the team over there at Channel Program are doing. I'm really excited, I think they're changing the industry. They're giving other vendors an opportunity to compete. And I think when you look at competition as a whole, competition will create better vendors and better vendors will create better outcomes for the partners. And so if we look at what Channel Program is doing, ideally it's creating better outcomes for the partners and it's making the vendors have to be better. And I think those are two really, really highly valuable things and I appreciate Channel Program for putting this together for that.

What was your favorite part about participating in Channel Pitch?

John Harden: I think the best part of that Channel Pitch has to be the community, undoubtedly being able to tell the story and talk about the business impact we're trying to create as a vendor to so many MSPs at once was the best part of the experience. Nothing beats being in the moment and being able to have the opportunity to educate so many people. I'm passionate about the problem trying to solve, but I can't be everywhere at once, and I think the part I like the most about Channel Pitch was that it was curated, it was condensed, you know, as a vendor, I loved it because it was curated, condensed, I got to tell my story quickly, but as an MSP background and being in the MSP for so long prior to this, I would have loved Channel Pitch, something to learn so quickly and seven minutes to be able to consolidate what a vendor is going to bring from me and how it's going to serve my customers, and then having 5, 6, 7 of them in a row, that's an amazing way to spend a lunch, in an amazing way to learn. I think that my, my favorite part about the Pitch absolutely has got to be the people that were there in the community and the education.

Would you recommend Channel Program to other vendors?

John Harden: I would absolutely recommend Channel Program to other vendors. Here's the deal. We're a startup vendor, we don't have a lot of opportunities to spend a lot of money and a lot of different places. And so when we decided to go to Channel Program, we knew we were putting a couple of eggs in a basket. And it was risky at first, undoubtedly because we didn't know what we're going to get and it's not 100% clear and it's always a bit of unknown. but if you're passionate about your product and you think that it needs to be in the market and you're in the startup world and you're deciding whether that investments worth it or not, I could say undoubtedly it was for us. Wee put a lot of effort into this to talk about our story and Channel Program helped us along the way. They made sure we were ready for the Pitch and beyond that after the Pitch, they took a lot of time with us to review the data they collected to give us direct feedback with their professional expertise. We we see an ROI absolutely, almost immediately with Channel Program, but there's more than just the ROI conversation in this story. The opportunity to get dozens, if not hundreds of MSP feedback, so quickly is worth its weight in gold, especially as you're trying to enter the market. So I absolutely recommend Channel Program. If you're considering it definitely take the opportunity to take the leap and do it!

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