Jordan White, ACNP-S, BSN

October 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jordan White, ACNP-S, BSN, Urban Aesthetics

Jordan White, ACNP-S, BSN: So I am so lucky to have brought on Cartessa devices and I'll tell you the devices work. They're amazing and phenomenal. It's been a great revenue generator for my practice. But really for me, just as important are the people in the family that I have made at Cartessa. So unlike the other laser companies that I had to deal with prior on that sell you a laser and then just peace out and leave you alone...Cartessa does not. They stand behind their products, they come out, they want you to succeed, they give you Practice Development Managers that work with you constantly. They're checking in on you, they're sending you any help you may need, if your device has any issues. It's just been a phenomenal transition and I have not looked back and actually I'm gonna get ready to go buy another laser right now. So we'll talk to you soon.

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