Robert Defatta, MD

October 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robert Defatta, MD, Seven at River Prairie

Robert Defatta, MD: So my favorite individual piece of equipment is the Chrome...the same thing for our patients because it allows them to have everything treated on this one piece of equipment. It's so nice when we have patients that come in for little vessels, brown spots. I had one patient that we just finished treating his little telangiectasias and he was super happy. And next thing you know, he goes, hey now I have all these brown spots. Can we start on those?? And I just laughed. I was like, yeah, with the same piece of equipment, you don't have to change anything. And so there's been so many patients that are happy about that. So between that and just Cartessa just being a great company to work for, It's been a wonderful match.

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