Jenifer Gibson, RN - Skin + Tonic

October 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenifer Gibson, RN, Skin and Tonic

Jenifer Gibson, RN: Hi, I'm Jenifer from Michigan. I have 5 Cartessa devices. I've been with Cartessa since 2019. I opened my practice about three months before the Covid shutdowns. Um, and what I love most about Cartessa is that they always walked me through the process. They were patient, never pushy. He still answered my phone calls even if I hadn't purchased just yet. I've been on the phone on the weekends, late nights. Um, my sales guy is always there for me. So huge shout out to Brandon. I've been very happy with every single device and all of our support. So thank you very much Cartessa!

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