Melanie Philip: CareDoula® School of Accompanying the Dying

August 05, 2021

Listen to Melanie's experience while studying the end of life doula role in our CareDoula® School of Accompanying the Dying.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melanie Philip, CareDoula® Student

What is your name? Where do you live? What do you do for a living?

Melanie Philip: Hello, My name is Melanie and I am living in the UK. And what I do for a living is various things. I'm a body worker, and energy healing is also something I bring into it, and training to be an intentional communication instructor, do tarot card reading, movement medicine. So, I do a combination of many different things.

What inspired you to want to be an end-of-life doula (or study this role)?

Melanie Philip: So, what inspired me to get involved in this work or want to start to get involved in this work, should I say, is I did many years of nursing before I became a holistic practitioner. And I've dealt with, looked after a lot of people who have been very poorly, and in the last 10 years I've worked as the holistic practitioner, so people with a lot of pain, and emotional issues, etc. And I think anybody who probably generally wants to do this type of work will often say it's something that feels like a calling, or has sort of—it just enters into your field, and it entered into my field about two years ago, a little bit less. And I just felt that I needed to steer my energy and attention in that direction.

What has been your experience working with Deanna? What's the biggest change you have noticed so far?

Melanie Philip: Choosing to work with Deanna was intuitively a no brainer for me. I could have done some training here in the UK, there's several places. I did a little bit with somebody here, but I knew that they weren't the right person. And so I found Deanna online, and listened to a webinar and I just knew that working with her I would get everything that I needed,

Melanie Philip: you know, professionally, through all knowledge and through her many, many years of experience and, her compassionate heart, which is one of the massive things that I'm sure most people would say about Deanna, is that she's very generous in what she wants to give, what she's constantly bringing to the program. And there's never been a time when, when I've contacted her that she's not said to me, let's just jump on a call and just talk about this, what's going on. So, her ability to meet me where I was at, has always been absolutely spot on. And her encouragement and enthusiasm and her pushing you to your edge a little bit, which I love a teacher like that personally, who will do that for me, as well as encourage me. So, my experience with her is very positive.

Melanie Philip: Unfortunately, lockdown happened just as I came into the program. I have still gone through the program itself, and had contact with her and and participated in all the whole array of trainings that Deanna is always putting on from the generosity of her heart.

Melanie Philip: So, I've got a wealth of information from her already without even, you know, sort of being thrown right into the work itself just yet, because we all know that, well here in the UK, there are still many restrictions.

Melanie Philip: But I know she's always there, no matter how little or how much contact I have with her, I know that she will be there for me if if I need her to be.

How do you see yourself using this training in your life?

Melanie Philip: So, I feel at this moment in time, I'm sure it will change and grow as I do. I would like to use this training to work privately with people, mainly at this stage of, from the point of diagnosis to the end. That's the way I would like to manifest this work and to bring forward over modalities that I have to be useful and helpful with that whole journey, with the client, and also to be there as a support for the family, from the beginning to the end.

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