Joshua Gaestel for The Oldfather Group Holiday Video Collector

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joshua Gaestel

Tell me about your craziest holiday travel experience? Any words of encouragement/advice for folks traveling to see loved ones this year?

Joshua Gaestel: My craziest holiday travel story was probably taking a train and riding in the dining car with a guy who produced music for Simon and Garfunkel. And the more scotch I poured him, the more trash he talked about Garfunkel, and it was hilarious, and the advice I have to everybody traveling this holiday season is don't just call.

How do you balance self care, work, and spending time with loved ones during the busy holiday season?

Joshua Gaestel: I try to balance my health care and my family's needs and my busy schedule around the holidays with excessive amounts of cookies and benzodiazepine.

Do you or anyone you know have a strange holiday tradition? If not, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

Joshua Gaestel: My parents always put an orange and an apple in our stocking every single christmas, and I wonder why they did it. We never ate them and there's certainly not a holiday treat. I think maybe it just stems back to being kind of poor when I was younger.

Which classic holiday food or drinks do you love? Which ones do you hate? Why?

Joshua Gaestel: I really don't like pumpkin pie because it looks like vomit.

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