Rosie Rourke Video Testimonial

May 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rosie Rourke, Managing Broker, Mega Agent, Keller Williams MTS

Please introduce yourself, then share a recent experience working with Business MAPS Coaching & Training.

Rosie Rourke: I am rosie Rourke from the Keller Williams mountains to sound market center here in Kent Washington and I have charlotte Savoy as my maps coach and I just wanted to share with you how she has turned my team into a rock star machine. I came to her about a few months ago and it was right at the time where I had a big shakeup with some of my team members, my key team members and um, I figured that was a good opportunity to follow my organized organization chart so that it followed along with the camera growth organization chart. So that's what we did and she helped walk me through it and today I've got it all dialed in and have the right people in the right seats and I couldn't be happier with charlotte also, she is the person who is able to um, listen carefully to what my situation is. She wants to know how she can help move the needle for me once a week and when I give her some ideas of what I'm working on, she just pulls a tool out of her toolbox, like a, like the magic hat. She has an answer for everything, a solution for everything. And she is really awesome to work with. So thank you charlotte for being my coach.

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