Spotlight Team Stories Brother FS60X & FS80X

December 08, 2020

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rachel, Dress Department Team Leader, Spotlight Lidcombe. Neridah, Dress Team Member, Spotlight Castle Hill. Milos, Dress Department Team Leader, Spotlight Birkenhead Point

What do customers look for in a heavy duty sewing machine?

Milos: Mostly they're looking for something that can sew through multiple layers. A tough machine, a metal frame. I think that's about it.

Neridah: It's also a great looking machine.

Rachel: Something that is actually heavy duty, is easy to use and will last a long time.

Which feature of the Extra Tough machines stands out to you?

Milos: Definitely the feature stands out is the metal frame. I've just been sewing eight layers of denim and it was a piece of cake.

Rachel: It has a button for everything which stops all my sewing tantrums.

Rachel: And I actually sewed through 8 layers of denim.

Who do you think is best suited for the Extra Tough sewing machines?

Milos: me who this machine is suitable for? Well, it's suitable for everyone. It's super safe. You have the finger guard, it's easy to operate.

Neridah: Great for a wide range of people, including those who don't want to use the foot pedal. It has a stop start button.

Rachel: It's suitable for everybody, beginner intermediate and advanced.

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