Joe and Karen Main for Client Video Testimonials

July 26, 2022

Joe and Karen were downsizing and buying a house in Stafford, VA at the same time, but their appraisal came in low on their sale. It all worked out and they love their new home near their grandkids.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joe and Karen Main

Introduce yourself & tell us why you needed/wanted to move. What fears or specific needs did you have before you called us?

Joe and Karen Main: Hello. We're the Mainss. I'm Karen and I'm Joe. We decided we wanted to sell our home because our grandchildren lived up in Stafford. We were in Spotsylvania and they are all in sports and we were running up and down 95 constantly. So that was one reason and the other reason was our house and the grounds were too much for us to take care of at our age. And like Karen said we had a lot of stuff basically and we had a lot of things to move. We started thinking about this better than a year before we actually did move and I knew it was going to be a major undertaking. So we tried to slowly start getting ready for the move. But at the end of the day it became an enormous task reducing our property, getting rid of stuff and preparing what we were keeping for the big move.

How did you first get in contact with the Brooke Miller Team and your agent?

Joe and Karen Main: Our son Joseph told us about Brooke Miller, he was an acquaintance of hers and we knew he was familiar with everything she had done in their neighborhood and throughout Fredericksburg. He told us all about her and we decided to go with her and we were so happy we did. What we did is we interviewed a number of different Realtors and when we sold her last house we did the same thing. But one thing we both agreed on fairly quickly after we finished up the interview process is Brooke Miller was the one that was gonna sell the house. And boy did we make the right decision! I have never seen a Realtor work as hard for a client as Brooke did for us. And if we ever buy or sell a house again, Brooke's gonna be the one that we call. She not only kept everything going and going smoothly, but she kept us on task and reminded us constantly of things that we needed to do, which was a great help. And if you don't at least give her a chance, you're making a big mistake.

Tell us about the obstacles your agent helped you overcome during the transaction?

Joe and Karen Main: During the moves that we engaged in, (I have to say moves because we sold one house and bought another house at the same time.) those two things alone just bring on a lot of different issues and problems; things to deal with. But, I've got to start at the beginning: Brooke and her team had really told us basically how this was going to play out and it really came together like she had laid out for us and she warned us about all obstacles in the way. And we had a few of those. One of the biggest ones was when your house doesn't appraise at the price you are selling it for. That poses a problem, particularly when your buying another house at the same time and you gotta close on this one to buy the other house. When this hit Brooke, was on a plane, I think flying to California, one of those red eyes. By the time she got off the phone without any sleep, she had, an appeal ready to be filed with regard to the lower estimate or appraisal of our house. You don't find Realtors that work like that a lot. But that was just one of the many things that we had to deal with. But she kept the train on the track. Her and her staff did updates constantly. When there was a bump in the road we were the first to know about it, but she's not only called and said, here's the problem. she said, here's our plan. We met our goals of selling our house and two days later, closing a deal on the house that we bought all thanks to Brooke and her team.

How do you feel now that the closing is complete?

Joe and Karen Main: Now that our closing is complete. We feel grateful, relieved, happy any other good adjective you can think of and just feel very blessed that we chose Brooke Miller for our Realtor. And I think that most people that go through this experience, if they didn't say they were exhausted, they would be lying to you. It wasn't the the process of the sale that was exhausting, it was the process of the move. I had a small fleet of vehicles and trucks and tractors and all kinds of things. I had to get rid of in the process as we decided to downsize. But the icing on the cake was that we had the Realtor and Brooke Miller's crew that really kept the train on the tracks and made these moves a lot smoother than I think they otherwise would have been. Thank you Brooke. Yes, thank you Brooke.

What will you say to someone when you refer us in the future?

Joe and Karen Main: So we've been through a number of moves in our life. This was actually the biggest one because we had amassed so much stuff in our property that we had to dispose of in a move and we were simultaneously buying another house in the process. Had it not been for Brooke and her great team, I don't think we would have made those deadlines because she kept the trains on the track on the move or on the realty side of this as we were going through our madness of getting rid of stuff and moving stuff and putting things in storage and and getting ready for the move. But I will tell you this, as as we did in our previous moves, we sit down and interview Realtors and made a decision on, you know who the best ones are. We did the same thing this time. and when Brooke walked out the door, that was over, we knew that Brooke was the one that we wanted to sell our house and it was the best decision that we could have made. And if you don't try to make that decision yourself and give them a chance, you're making a big mistake. They're just a great team to work with

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