Craig Felty review of Brian Basinger CPA

November 02, 2022

Craig Felty, and entrepreneur, gives his review of Brian Basinger CPA regarding tax planning and strategies for small businesses

Video Transcript

Speaker: Craig Felty

Please describe the ONE or TWO most impactful strategies you've learned in working with us, and how they have helped you and your business.

Craig Felty: Brian has been extremely impactful for me in understanding the different tax entities. I did not realize until after I was involved in his instructions how beneficial the S Corp would be for me and not only that, but he answered my questions personally.

Craig Felty: And he just has a way of simplifying the concepts and man, does he know the tax code when it comes to this stuff! So he had an answer for every question that I had and the answers were all directly on point.

Craig Felty: ...the way that he teaches and the way he cares about people and I think he's gonna have a lot of people who are interested in working with him in the future. So I wish him nothing but the best of luck. Thank you for everything, Brian.

How has Contigo Advisors helped you lower your taxes or increase your profits? Please including any metrics that come to mind?

Craig Felty: Brian has helped me in a couple of different areas, one as I mentioned earlier with the S Corp - it was extremely beneficial for him to explain the concepts of it and how to work it. Even showed me how to submit the documentation and gave copies of the form and how to fill it out and just was extremely extremely helpful. And um the second way was employing your Children in your business and how I had to structure that being an S Corp in order to make that happen. So again very very open any questions I asked of him regarding my business and again I really really look forward to the savings that I'm going to see from taxes over the years due to all of Brian's help. So thanks again, Brian.

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