Ward Hampton for BrandMeBetter Video Testimonials

August 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ward Hampton, Director , DCR

Ward Hampton: David's been on my radar now for over three years, and he was actually the very first person I spoke to when I started thinking about setting up my my own business.

Ward Hampton: The last the last 12 months for me have gone extremely well and I'm in a position where I am reinvesting cash into myself and my business.

Ward Hampton: Two two things about his service, which really stood out to me and

Ward Hampton: I could see the benefit in before I engaged him was a) the fact that he interviews a large portion of my client base to get some no holds barred feedback on how they perceive me, my brand, my business.

Ward Hampton: Also to get a better understanding about them, their world, how I can tailor my service to be of maximum benefit to them and how, how I can start to create more value driven educational content aimed at them. The second thing was the fact that he does a lot of work with people on identification and understanding of their highest set of core values.

Ward Hampton: The feedback that I got from customers has really boosted my confidence a lot and I also had some really helpful constructive criticism.

Ward Hampton: So I'd use four very different words to describe David's build program and they are fun, tough, motivating and empowering.

Ward Hampton: I'm immediately feeling really motivated, confident and excited about the strategic direction that I'm taking my business in.

Ward Hampton: So quite simply, I would recommend David services to anyone

Ward Hampton: who's looking to get a deeper understanding of themselves, what makes them tick and why they do what they do.

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