Louise Archer Video Testimonial - BrandMeBetter

August 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Louise Archer, Founder, Retrained Search

Louise Archer: I was looking to engage David's services because, although I'm really confident and experienced in what I do and what I deliver, I'm not as confident or as experienced in putting myself out there and promoting myself.

Louise Archer: I would describe David's BUILD program and coaching as a revelation.

Louise Archer: Incredible really the process, getting to the heart of who we are and what we stand for and our values and our purpose.

Louise Archer: I think what surprised me most about David was just how incredibly good he is at helping to convey the message for you, and your brand, and your service that is authentic and yours with your identity and your values.

Louise Archer: The BUILD program has created so many positive outcomes for me. I have such a clarity of message and understanding of my brand and how to portray it, and not to mention direct leads into my inbox, which convert into business.

Louise Archer: I would recommend David's service to everybody and anybody looking to improve their personal brand and the promotion of themselves across different channels.

Louise Archer: I think he's particularly adept to understanding the challenges that we face in the recruitment industry, but I can imagine it being so powerful across so many other industries and sectors, too.

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