Make Video Your Best Friend

August 25, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Wolstenholme, BMB

David Wolstenholme: Why do you think recruiters are so camera shy when it comes to promotion, marketing and advertising? I wasn't sure.... So I decided to do what anyone does these days and put up a poll on LinkedIn in to ask that very question. Now I was expecting the vote to go "imposter syndrome", but that wasn't the case. A high proportion of votes was basically people saying they weren't sure what to actually talk about on camera. Which I see as a great thing and an easy thing to change. And it's one of the reasons why I would love you to come and join

David Wolstenholme: the webinar that I'm hosting next Friday. It's a lunch and learn. We've got the amazing Olivia Solomon's from Glow and basically it's going to be helping you to make "Video, Your Best Friend." So if you want to come, there's a link in the comment section, sign up and I'll see you and other like minded recruiters next Friday where we're going to learn a lot from Olivia

David Wolstenholme: about being great presenters.

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