Nicola Spooner for BrandMeBetter Video Testimonials

August 03, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nicola Spooner, Director, Nicola Spooner Consulting Ltd

Nicola Spooner: I engaged David Services because I wanted to have a deeper understanding of my core values and I really wanted those values to come across in everything that I did. I also wanted to have more confidence in how I approach the market and to position myself in a really effective way with those candidates and clients that I want to work with.

Nicola Spooner: There are so many positives of doing David's BUILD program. Probably the biggest ones for me are really understanding my core values and having them as part of my everyday life.

Nicola Spooner: The interviews he conducted with clients were fantastic for really understanding their pain points and whereas I previously presumed what their challenges where I can now really drill down and have some relevant content to what they're actually facing at the moment. I have more confidence in creating content and more engagement in that content and the bio that he wrote on LinkedIn, which really drilled into the niche that I work in has had some really great feedback, some really good connectivity with new contacts in my network and also inbound leads, which I wouldn't have dreamt of happening previously.

Nicola Spooner: I would recommend David's service to anyone.

Nicola Spooner: I learned a lot about myself and I think it's just such a brilliant process.

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