Kate Cerny and Tara Sharma for BrandMeBetter Video Testimonials

July 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kate Cerny, goose&chase

Kate Cerny: The BUILD program has created a number of positive outcomes for me.

Kate Cerny: It helped me launch myself and my new company brand and take it to market in Dubai in the Middle East, which was excellent, allowed me to structure my marketing of myself and my company in a more competent and structured way.

Kate Cerny: It's given me a lot of ideas on how to present myself and how to pitch myself to clients and what is my unique selling point. There's a lot of recruiters in the

Tara Sharma: David BUILD program is great. It really helps you to kind of understand the sorts of personality profiles you consistently engage with. It also really helps you to understand the market that you're working within and your competitor analysis. But the really useful bit for us was actually having somebody to go out there and interview our clients and really get some insights from them about why they use our services.

Kate Cerny: I would recommend David Service to almost anyone, not just recruitment professionals. I think everyone can learn a lot from his BUILD program.

Tara Sharma: I would recommend David Service to anybody looking to build a brand, whether you are new to market or whether you've been in the market and you're wanting to really understand from your customers what your true value to them is and how you can improve.

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