Belinda Kerr for BrandMeBetter Video Testimonials

July 19, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Belinda Kerr, Director, Recruitment Garage

Belinda Kerr: I wanted to engage David services because I know that he has a really deep understanding of the relationship between personal branding and commercial outcomes.

Belinda Kerr: I'm a coach and it's really important that I'm working with people who have very similar core values to me. Otherwise you kind of get that mismatch.

Belinda Kerr: David's build program is nothing short of excellent. He has this really natural ability to almost understand you better than you know yourself.

Belinda Kerr: The insights he provided in the feedback. we're quite mind blowing. There were lots of uh huh moments. His service and professionalism didn't

Belinda Kerr: It's given me a lot more congruence see in my messaging to the market. So that's across everything. It's in conversations, it's in what I put on my website, it's in content marketing. So yes, so those two things

Belinda Kerr: I'd recommend David Service to anybody who understands how important personal branding is too commercial outcomes

Belinda Kerr: and is looking for some support to do that. They'll certainly get it with David.

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