Janet - Client Testimonial Video

July 21, 2021

Janet - I recommend bodenvy because the process was seamless. They made me understand everything that was to take place, and my results were even better.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Janet

Would you recommend bodenvy to others? Why?

Janet: I would definitely recommend bodenvy. I must say the facility is always clean. The staff. they're excellent. The managers the supervisors. To be honest, I have no complaints. They strive to get you to where you need to get while understanding the process and the procedure. So I would definitely recommend bodenvy.

Why did you choose bodenvy?

Janet: My reason for choosing bodenvy, to be honest, was me, first of all, attempting to get a noninvasive procedure done based on the time frame. The downtime with other procedures. I just didn't have that option based on what I wanted to get done the time frame. So when I researched their ratings was definitely one of the reasons why I chose them. Excellent ratings, excellent reviews. And that's the reason why I chose bodenvy.

Tell us about your results

Janet: My results are definitely extremely pleasing, I must say. When I started out, the areas that I had an issue with, we compared the before and after photographs and while in terms of the weight loss process, that was more on me, the onus was on me to take care of that. But I must say that I have seen significant results where I can honestly say that I am pleased.

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