Mark Lew's Employee Story

August 31, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Lew, Product Enablement Specialist

What do you love about your role?

Mark Lew: Hi, my name is Mark Lew and I'm a Product Enablement Specialist here at Blueshift. I started about a month ago and I could say one of my favorite parts of working at Blueshift is really the people and I know it's a bit cliche but I've, I can honestly say, you know I worked in the industry for a while and worked for probably half a dozen different digital marketing, martech companies and I could say everyone I've met here at Blueshift has been humble and friendly and humble is kind of a rare word to use, especially given the level of talent here at our company, but it just makes it so much easier to collaborate and work with others and get my experience has been great. so I can only imagine we'll be skyrocketing from here.

What are you most proud of?

Mark Lew: Okay, what am I most proud of and why? I would have to say what I'm most proud of is just staying true to myself. I've worked in the digital marketing industry for quite some time and have actually performed different roles from account management to training implementations, tech support. So I've seen different sides of the business, but one role I truly loved and missed was the training profession and that's when I decided, I needed to get back into it. I did it a few rolls ago and completely missed it and knew that was my calling. So the thing that I'm so happy is that Blueshift saw that passion in me and... and value. So I was able to now make that switch and get back into the training profession, which so happy to be in and I am now one of the newest members of the training team as a Product Enablement Specialist.

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