Javon Arlee's Employee Story

May 07, 2021

Meet Sales Development Representative, Javon Arlee and hear his Blueshift Story

Video Transcript

Speakers: Javon Arlee, Sales Development Rep

What do you love about your role?

Javon Arlee: Hi. My name is Javon Arlee I'm a Sales Development Rep here at Blueshift. And one of my favorite things about working at Blueshift would have to be, how receptive our leaders are to not only taking suggestions, but implement them if they do, along with the company's goals.

What are you most proud of?

Javon Arlee: I'd say I'm most proud of would probably be the fact that I was onborded during a pandemic. And I was still able to make, an immediate impact by setting outbound outreach standards, and in turn, I was given the autonomy to be able to innovate certain strategies and practices, at my level, that align with the company's goals

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