Ibrahim Alsalmi for Testimonials

August 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ibrahim Alsalmi

Why did you choose the Big Helper Group to help buy or sell your home?

Ibrahim Alsalmi: Hi everyone. So the reason I picked the BIG Helper Group, specifically Merrill is simply because I was looking for houses nonstop and I went through so many different realtors that just don't really care enough about about their clients. Until I met Merrill. He actually helped me by three properties within about 3-4 months months period. And not only he helped me by all that, he actually did the studies as an investor. He did the studies and the return on investment, the cash on cash return. He truly is an amazing, amazing realtor. And if you would like to purchase your next home, I would definitely recommend Merrill from the BIG Helper Group.

How did your agent help you during the buying or selling process?

Ibrahim Alsalmi: So the way that Merrill helped me in the process of buying and selling, he actually opened up my eyes to a lot of different ways to be able to deduct the price or the listing price and to be able to negotiate better. He also helped me from A to Z with buying and also listening in on Zillow and all the other platforms for it to be rented out as well as He helped me with the leasing agreement, the contracts, he helped me with finding tenants, he helped me with viewing. he literally helped me throughout the whole process from searching all the way to getting in a tenant into the property.

What was your experience like working with them?

Ibrahim Alsalmi: Working with Big Helper Group has definitely been an amazing experience. The reason I say so is because I was being in contact, or I was being contacted, if not by Merrill, by any one from his company who were extremely helpful. I was even getting um video updates by his by his assistants, and just video updates with every single step with escrow um with the funds being, the funds being transferred or not. And it was definitely an amazing experience.

What would you say to someone that might be interested in working with The BIG Helper Group?

Ibrahim Alsalmi: This video is specifically to anyone who is thinking about doing business with the Big Helper Group. I definitely and highly recommend working with them for the fact that everything is just simple. And if you ask a question, you get an answer. If they don't know, they will tell you we don't know, but we will look into it for you and that's exactly what happened with me.

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