Heidi Nickerson for Blueprint for Attracting Clients

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Heidi Nickerson

What do you love most about The Tarot Reader's Blueprint for Attracting Clients?

Heidi Nickerson: After finishing the Biddy Tarot Certification, I felt a little overwhelmed about what to do next. So when this course became available and I could learn about how to attract my first clients, I was really excited. What I loved most about this course was that it really got me back in touch with my why just bring you back to that center and reminded me why it's important to stick with this, even when this hurdle feels impossible to jump. I really enjoyed having those visualizations and those, those statements in a clear, concise place where I can go back to them and remind myself of them whenever I'm feeling discouraged. I also felt like there were so many practical tips and processes that I could refer back to and use in order to get those first paying clients, which was really exciting. And I really loved all of the visualizations and meditations that Brigit offers. They are amazing. So those are some things that I love most about this program.

Would you recommend this program to others? If so, why?

Heidi Nickerson: I would absolutely recommend this program for others, especially just coming out of the certification program, kind of wondering what to do next and how to proceed. This was the most practical program and gave me so many great ideas. I felt really empowered and I felt really ready, like I had the tools I needed to start building this new path as a Tarot reader. So I would absolutely recommend it and I have already recommended it to some people that I know because I truly did find it so valuable.

What was it like doing your first paid Tarot reading?

Heidi Nickerson: So my first paid Tarot reading was really exciting. I opened up a little Etsy shop and I put some listings on there. And my first customers were my sisters and my best friend. And I know that that sounds like you know, a freebie. But I still had all of those same feelings if not more of wanting to do a great job for these people. And it was so wonderful to feel like I knew what to do. I had systems in place. I had done the training, I was prepared and they all loved their readings. It was a wonderful experience. And as they talked about their experience with their friends, I got invited to do a a night of reading for a local wellness center for kind of a wellness night that a bunch of women were doing. And so you know, you never know where those experiences are going to lead even when you're reading for family and friends. So Brigit does such a great job of reminding us not to discredit those experiences even when they feel like, you know, these are people that would do this for us for you know, that we would read for for free. My sister reminded me of something she said, you know, if you were terrible at this, I wouldn't pay you. So it's just it's a wonderful experience to read for others and to have that exchange of energy and that acknowledgement of the training and of your time and if your emotion and of your heart, because you know, that's really what tarot reading is. It's it's this ability to connect with people heart to heart and explore the questions that unite us all.

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