Chuck Nervick, Video Testimonials

July 15, 2021

Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge Video Testimonial For BeaconLive

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge

Why would you recommend our BeaconLive?

Chuck Nervick: Hi, I'm Chuck Nervik, I'm Senior Vice President of MediaEdge Communications, were based out of Toronto, Canada. We have several offices in Canada and an office down in Gainesville, Florida. We were introduced to BeaconLive, I guess sometime in and around March or April of 2020. The pandemic was declared a pandemic at that particular time and we were moving our events from traditional face to face to wanting to move them to virtual, but really not knowing a heck of a lot about virtual events as most show operators were in the same boat. We looked at about 40, 45 different systems, settled on BeaconLive, we've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with them on several of our trade shows and conferences as well as a number of industry webinars we've done across our media event portfolios. I guess if I was going to say something about BeaconLive, there's three or four main things that stick out to me. I certainly appreciate the folks that comprise their team. They're readily available, always there to answer questions, provide great support, very happy with the team at BeaconLive and the assigned members of their team that work on our events. I also really enjoy just communicating with them as we're moving and grooving through this interesting virtual arena. BeaconLive has an open mind to considering new ideas, whether it be adding a virtual networking reception, which they've recently done, making some alterations to the way a registration page looks and feels connecting up to our show websites. So they're very open to discussing and in many cases, if not all cases we've discussed these new ideas they have implemented, so they're quite creative and nimble and just overall, I just like the way that the company is organized, I like their product and would highly recommend it to anybody that's watching this video today. And if you want to talk to me about BeaconLive, I'm sure you can get my contact details from your BeaconLive representative. Thank you very much.

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