September 2021 - Used Equipment - v1

September 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jon Flagg, Senior Financing Consultant. Jon Flagg. Jon Flagg

Jon Flagg: Hi. I'm Jon Flagg and I'm a Senior Financing Consultant at Beacon Funding. One of the great things about working with an equipment financing provider that knows your industry, is our vast network of buyers and sellers. Whether you are searching to add a piece of equipment, or trying to find a buyer, financing consultants like myself, are here to make your life easier with our industry network.

Jon Flagg: What exactly does this network consist of? We maintain strong relationships with your industry's most in-demand equipment manufacturers, dealerships, and vendors. Our network is always changing and expanding with our efforts through marketing and social media.

Jon Flagg: Plus, Beacon Funding's financing consultants like myself, speak to thousands of businesses daily. That's a large network of people who are potentially looking to buy or sell equipment. On top of that, many of these businesses get pre-approved in order to move more quickly.

Jon Flagg: If you are interested in putting Beacon Funding's network to work for you, here's how to get started. First, reach out to a financing consultant and have a conversation about the equipment you are looking to buy or sell. We'll start by looking at our own inventory.

Jon Flagg: For buyers, we might have what you're looking for are off-lease website are off-lease website If you are selling, depending on the equipment, we may buy it directly from you.

Jon Flagg: If that's not the right fit, we'll connect with one of our vendor partners. With 30 plus years of industry knowledge, we know, can either use their supply chain and pinpoint exactly what you're looking for or conveniently take your equipment and on trade. Some vendors may even sell for you on consignment.

Jon Flagg: Alternatively, if the equipment is in our industry we serve, we can leverage our internal market place and asset search tools to connect the potential buyers to motivated sellers. Then we'll notify you directly once we make a connection.

Jon Flagg: Finally, we'll finance it. Unlike other lenders or banks only work with new equipment or registered vendors. We also finance both used equipment and private party transactions, giving you more of options.

Jon Flagg: okay. Commercial equipment is in high demand. The sooner you get in touch with the financing consultant, the sooner you can react to the market, don't put off your next commercial transaction. Let an expert financing consultant help you today.

Jon Flagg: To speak to a financing consultant about your equipment needs visit about your equipment needs visit

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