Sarah for ECO1 Universal Review

July 11, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah

Which Ayers & Co product is your favourite and why?

Sarah: I love the multipurpose spray, just smells so good.

Why would you buy Ayers & Co again?

Sarah: Absolutely and I have.

Where did you clean in the house?

Sarah: Mostly in the kitchen, it's really good for after we've cooked dinner and just wiping up all the crumbs and everything. Absolutely love it.

What were the results and what did it feel or smell like?

Sarah: It removes stubborn things as well as just a simple wipe down honestly is just the greatest smelling product I use. I just sometimes sprayed in the air because it smells so good.

Why would you recommend Ayers & Co to a friend?

Sarah: I absolutely would and I have and I've actually even bought some and given them as gifts to people.

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