Erin Watkinson Upside Leader Video May 1 2023

May 01, 2023

Erin Watkinson, May 1 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Erin Watkinson

Hey, team, welcome to our first version or episode of The Upside. I wanted to just take a minute or two to call out a couple of items that I'd love for us to be aware of, focus on in the next few weeks, coming days, if you will. First of all, acknowledge and thank everyone for all the work that you've done completing your Business Review training, which was due end of last week. So thank you in advance for getting that done. Please provide any feedback or questions that you have directly to your leadership. But with that, couple of things, we are going to have a training coming out here shortly. It is labeled Current State Discovery training. The intent is really to provide you all a tool to help drive those current state discovery type questions with your clients on uncovering what their supplier onboarding process looks like today, addressing any gaps in information that we might have around the pain points or challenges or why they're choosing to partner with Avetta in the first place, how we can be a better partner, how we can identify those opportunities for growth when it comes to product adoption or just growing within the tools that they're using today. So, expect more on that coming soon. And then the last thing I want to highlight specifically as it's timely is that we have our Houston summit coming up. The June, what's the date? 27th! Registrations have gone out. We're starting to get those through to our events and marketing team. My ask and push for this team is if you have Clients, especially in the Houston area who are interested in attending, please, please remind them of this event. It's a one day packed event and we'll have a lot of great content. Our own Stephany Acosta will be presenting there. So, it's gonna be a fantastic event and we are looking forward to a lot of participation from our Clients. And so this is more of an ask or reminder, please make sure that you are sharing that detail. More content will be coming from a Marketing perspective so that you can share that directly with your Clients as well. But those are the two main things I wanted to call out in addition to thanking you for all the work that you did in preparing and delivering your Business Review training. But hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you soon. Thanks

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