Marco Tosoni, VP Inside Sales

May 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Marco Tosoni

Good morning Inside Sales team. Hope everybody had a really good weekend. Today is May 1st and I couldn't be more excited about the two months to come and, and close the quarter strong. First of all, we couldn't have had such a good month in April without the great performances from, a lot of you. We have some veterans, Robert Leah, Philip, Ivan, Claudia Brett really help us hit our goal in in April. And also we have some really good rookies, brand new reps that are already contributing and, in their first month selling, you know, from Jackson and Corey and Bobby and Dominic and hopefully I didn't forget anyone, and Gabi, and Charlene. It's incredible to see all of them performing at a high level in the first month. So, congratulations to all of you. I'm very excited about the month of May. We have put together a training, schedule for the next four weeks. Don't worry, I'm not gonna be adding any more meetings to your schedule. We're gonna be utilizing a few minutes out of our Wednesday meetings to talk about the the Supplier journey, to talk about how we build value, how we talk about uh with our Suppliers and how we help them understand that we're here to help. So be excited about that more to come and this will start this coming Wednesday the third. So I'll we'll all see you there. We talked about also about Vetify We as you all know, we've been giving you $50 for every Vetify that you sell. Some of you did really good in April. Some of you were a little bit behind. So we'll make that a focus on the next two months uh in May and June, the goal is remember this, the goal is 10 Vetifies sold per rep per month. OK. So keep that in mind, work with your managers. They all are experts on selling the value of Vetify and having the right tone and bringing it up at the right time. So more to come on that too last but not least. We have done a very good job and I have been tracking our performance by rep in regards to our goal of units close per month for those that maybe are new or you haven't heard or maybe you forgot. We want everybody to be at 100 units, right? Your goal is 100 and 15 units. That's 100% the goal, 100 units is kind of like the, the benchmark where we want everybody to be at and 90 is 80% to go. That's kind of like the Mendoza Line. And if you don't know what the Mendoza Line is, ask your managers, they know. And, that's what our goal is for me, for everybody to be above the Mendoza Line. We'll be tracking that we'll be sending updates on a weekly and monthly basis like you have been seeing and just remember one thing that you're not alone, we're here to help you, but it always, always, always, always comes down to execution. You have to do your part and we're here to support you. So I'll leave you with that note. Let's have a great month and I'm excited to be spending time with you all in the next few weeks. Have a good week. Bye bye.

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