Plasser American

February 17, 2023

Video Transcript

David Burk: Good afternoon everyone. My name is David Burk, I'm currently the Supply Chain Director at Plasser American located in Chesapeake, Virginia. I'm very excited today to announce our partnership with Avetta. As most of you know, we build reliable and high quality products for the railway industry. Those of you that've been doing business with us for a while know. We started in 1961, started out with five employees. Today, 60 years later, we're over 350. Our business has seen substantial growth in the last couple of years. Obviously, President Biden had put some money out there for transportation and a lot of our customers have taken advantage of that. Generally we were totally integrated and we built about 95% of the parts here in-house. As our business grows, we run out of space, room employees... some of the same problems that you folks have been having and so our future really is going to rely on sourcing more stuff than we used to. For that reason, what we're experiencing right now is several problems with the manual processes we have to onboard our suppliers. Avetta is a company that kind of talks with us. We tell them what we want out of our suppliers, some of the minimal characteristics that they have to have to do business with us and then also what our customers want to see. Avetta then goes in, helps you get set up and get those things online for us. Our current process allows, will allow our engineering team to go in there on new parts and it will be able to sort the database that you're in, um, and possibly use you for new part numbers. Um, our buyers will be able to go in and use different suppliers in case we have a a supplier that does not, can't produce the part for whatever reason or get the part on time. So it does a lot of things for us, um, and it helps us make all our suppliers compliant to our safety standards of reliability and quality standards, um, so that Plasser can keep its name for quality of which we are known for. So I ask you in the next couple of days or so to review the material that Avetta will be sending you. Um, you're very important to us. Like I said, our our business is projected to grow two-fold in the next two years and three-fold in the next five years. Um, we've just added on a $55 million dollar expansion. You know, not many Supply Chain Directors are talking to you via video wanting your participation with our company. So that's how bad we need you. So, I hope this helps. Please, you know, listen to Avetta. We really want you guys as a business partner, you know, our business, you share our values and we want to continue, taking that off. So again, welcome to Avetta. I hope you see it as um, as special as we do. So thank you.

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