Upside: Inside Sales Leader Video - July 5, 2023

July 03, 2023

A message from the VP of Inside Sales, Marco Tosoni

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marco Tosoni

Good morning Inside Sales team. I hope everybody had a good fourth. The first half of the year is over and here we are. We had a lot of good accomplishments in the first half, from improving our conversion numbers to higher engagement with the COM team, better collaboration with our sales team, more effective knowledge transfer calls to empower the team to do a better job converting those suppliers. Our reporting improved dramatically in all aspects, our communications, we put a lot of effort in improving our communications with the suppliers. Thank you to LT and Kendra on that effort. So I feel really good about where we are at today in comparison where we were at the end of last year. And I feel like we have the right pieces in place to have an even better second half of the year. Just to share a few stats with you, Since our conversion is a lagging metric. If we look at the first four months of the year, we're averaging between 40 to 41% conversion, which is great . On regards to Vetify we improved 33% just quarter over quarter, that's our own efforts, right? Year, over year in the month of June, last month, we improved 10%. And when we look at campaigns, year to date, we're averaging about 36% conversion on all campaign opportunities, right? When we look at CIAs direct only we're at around 55%. So some work to do there to bring it up to 65 as a minimum, but overall really good. And you look at direct CIAs and indirect CIAs altogether through the month of May, we're averaging around 58. So a little bit better. Still we receive a lot of CIAs almost 2500 in the month of June that we're gonna be working this month. So I look forward to see how we do on those. What I'm excited about the second half of the year. And I think areas that we need to focus on and continue to improve is especially the campaigns that were released in May and June, I think that it still has a lot of potential and we have a lot of good inventory that we need to go after. Not so much about just focusing on conversion, but also focusing on the number of units each of you averaging five sales per day is gonna be, key on the success that we have in the next six months. So work on that with your managers, CIAs we have implemented the feedback request by utilizing your managers to be able that now are able to communicate directly with the submitter of the CIA. So continue to utilize that. We're gonna start backtracking on CIAs that were turned in in Q two. So more inventory coming to you, back to you from those months. working with the sales team on feedback as well, myself and some of the managers were working on specific large clients and working on how we can improve that feedback request too on a more proactive basis. So stay tuned for that one area that we're gonna be paying a little more attention in the month of July is pending and indirect CIAs We are we're actually creating a training and we're gonna have three different sessions by teams that we're gonna be discussing not only the process, but best practices around pendings and indirect CIAs. So we can all be on the same page and we of overall improve our conversion numbers. Before I finish this video, I wanted to give a huge shout out for the whole month, for the whole, not only the month of June, but also for the first half of the year for consistent performance from Robert Rypalla and Ivan on the AMEA market. Leah and Ben again, very good performance in June in the first half of the year for the, from the APAC market and in NORAM fantastic, June from Robert Negrete and Phil as always, we couldn't have done it without any of you. I look forward to connecting with you in our next team meeting, which I believe is the second Wednesday of July and we're gonna have a special guest, so stay tuned for that. and I look forward to working with you. Super excited. Thank you and have a good week. Bye bye.

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