Inside Sales video for The Upside Aug 7 2023

August 04, 2023

Featuring VP Inside Sales, Marco Tosoni.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marco Tosoni

Marco Tosoni: Good morning Inside Sales team! I hope this video finds you all well and enjoying time with the families, enjoying the summer. I'm excited about the month of August. It's already the second month of the third quarter. And what a great way to kick it off by meeting with all of you during our team meeting earlier this week. I had a great time myself. Again, thank you and great job on helping us improve our adoption rate to 11% for Vetify sales. We're very aware that we couldn't have done it without your efforts. So keep it up good job there. We have a lot of new inventory that was released and given to us by the new logo team and customer sales team in the last week of July. So we're gonna be busy. With that said there were three items that we discussed during our last team meeting that I don't want you to forget, right? We still have opportunities and campaigns that were launched in May and June that we need to focus on. We need to make sure that we're putting the right time into those, making sure that we're making the right amount of calls, making sure that we're putting our best foot forward on converting on those campaigns. Ok. Number two, Let's ride the momentum that we have, with the adoption rate of 11% for Vetify. Right. Last month we did the best this team has ever done at 11%. I think we can do the same if not better this year with as much inventory as we have. So, looking forward to see where we end up the month when it comes to adoption rate for Vetify. And number three - time management is gonna be critical for our success this month because we're so busy, right? So please work with your managers on your time management and how to prioritize your days and your weeks, right? Making sure that we're calling on those CIAs #1, #2 pendings, #3 the specific campaigns that we're working on for May and June and also the new inventory that we're getting, right. It's gonna be critical that we maximize the working hours that we each have every day, right? Stay focused. It's very easy to get distracted from working from home and everything else that goes goes on in our lives, but just staying focus and putting in the time will yield the results that we're looking for. I'm also very excited about kicking off the feedback sessions that some of you volunteered to be part of during our team meeting. So more to come on that. Thanks again. And let's make August our best month this year. Goodbye.

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