Anna-Louise Hammar for Cybersecurity Risk Product Launch Introduction

April 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna-Louise Hammar

Pacific National

Anna-Louise Hammar: My client who participated in the cybersecurity beta program was Pacific National. They are Australia's largest privately owned rail and freight organization operating across all of Australia's states and territories. They have about 600 contractors in the platform today, with that number increasing as they continue to onboard suppliers specifically around ESG and greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

Why was the Client interested in beta testing?

Anna-Louise Hammar: Pacific National were interested in beta testing, because at the end of last year they moved over to Avetta One with Business Risk really being the last piece of the puzzle for them from a complete risk management solution. When we approached Penny about Cybersecurity, she had actually previously brought up, you know, what types of PQFs we have available around cyber, what we're offering to clients, and the beta testing opportunity seemed like a perfect fit for them. They've also been very willing and open to provide feedback and work with us to improve functionality across the board.

How has their overall experience been?

Anna-Louise Hammar: Overall, the experience has been really positive. When we first presented the Cybersecurity dashboard to Penny, there were not necessarily initial concerns, but you know we struggled with getting good detail and data in the platform just due to how the integration worked initially. Thanks to Craig Dewalt and Bec Martin, they were able to add website addresses for a number of Pacific National suppliers, so we ended up having about an 80% hit rate, and being able to provide more insight and data to Pacific National just made them really excited because they got to participate in the journey of us building out this product. And it certainly is leaning more towards what they were hoping to achieve from the solution, understanding that there will still need to be additional pieces like the Avetta PQFs, any potential audits or pieces that we can help assist with or additional questions that can be asked. But really where we got to by the end of the beta testing was a very positive and exciting experience and journey for them.

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