The Upside for Client Success - June 5, 2023

June 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Happy June. I can't believe that it's June already. But for this version of the Upside, I just have a couple of updates and reminders for our team. First off, you all should have seen the email come from Chrissy Hayes around annual performance reviews and the self evaluation component that is due by June 9th. So please make sure you take some time, go into ADP and complete that process and let your Director know if you've got any questions. Second, just a general reminder, Client profiles. We do have in our KPIs that they should be updated at least once a year. I think the key thing to remember is that they should be updated as appropriate. So as things change, contacts, change configurations are updated, work flows are modified, please make sure you take some time to go into Salesforce directly. We're not doing more documents anymore, go to Salesforce directly and make those updates. Third thing uh it's time for a survey again, just a reminder as well. We are now splitting it by the alphabet. So the last survey that we did, we sent to the first half of the alphabet from a Client perspective. So we're not talking about users. So now we're sending to the second half of the alphabet. The plan is to get those surveys out next Tuesday. So please, which would be, I think you're seeing this on Monday. So on Tuesday, please make sure that your contacts are all updated in Salesforce. So we're getting them to the right people. Last thing, oh, couple more things, just a reminder as well. We have the transition deck that we created in partnership with the Implementation team. When you are assigned to a new account, and you're in being introduced and transitioning the ownership of the project from Implementation into the hands of our Client Success and Client Onboarding teams, please remember to populate and use that deck. It is important opportunity for us to set appropriate expectations with our clients and also make sure that we're on the same page with what has been done, what needs to be done, who to go to for support related questions, training, et cetera. If you have questions again on where that deck is, how to populate it and use it. Don't hesitate to reach out to your Director with questions. Last thing - we did roll out the Current State Discovery training. So this is a reminder to take some time to complete that as of today. I think we've got about 30% of our team that has gone in and completed it. It should take you roughly 20 minutes. Hopefully it's a great resource that you could come back to if you've got questions, but it's intended to help, your mindset and the types of questions, and how you can ask them when trying to understand what your Client's current onboarding process of new suppliers and contractors is like, and how to identify opportunities for growth and increased adoption of the products that we offer. So that's it in a nutshell. I hope everyone is having a great day. And again, if you have questions on anything at all, at any point, you can always reach out to me or to your immediate supervisor. I'll talk to you later. Thanks.

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